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Trail conditions 

Trail open (icy conditions, trail crampons recommended)

The dogs are

we are an ecological reserve.

Hiking options













We are present on M,  Hikster  and AllTrails

What is self-perception?

When you have to use the trails and there is no reception staff, you must still give us your access rights or member number and write your name on an access authorization. It can be found in the envelopes in the self-examination boxes at the various entrances. This authorization confirms to a ministerial official that you have our authorization to be on the trails. The membership card is unfortunately not sufficient, because the ecological reserve is a protected area.

Golden rules for visitors 

Visit of the reception areas

  • You do not have to book before your arrival;

  • Plan in advance the purchase of your  daily entry permit and annual pass ;

  • Respect physical distancing in parking lots;

  • Wash your hands before entering the reception;

  • Prioritize one person in reception per group.

On trails

  • Drive as indicated;

  • When passing or passing, turn to face the passing person. Give priority to the outward journey (the hiker on the way back departs). Wait for the right moment to pass, pay attention to gaps by choosing a safe location with low impact on vegetation.

  • ​​ Keep a distance of two meters between people, on trails and at lookouts;

  • Cover your face when the distance of two meters cannot be maintained; ​​

  • Respect the closures of trails, services or sectors due to the situation, fall conditions or high traffic.


Do I have to present my vaccination passport?

Although the vaccination passport is not required on our trails, physical distancing must be respected when practicing physical activities. Practice with the same partners is encouraged.


Do I absolutely have to reserve or pay for my access rights in advance?

You do not have to book before your arrival, but you can plan  the purchase of your  d day access and annual pass  the same day. You must still register at our reception with the attendant.


What is an ecological reserve?
According to the classification of protected areas by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Quebec's ecological reserves are in category 1a, i.e. the highest level of protection in the world. Thus, there is no exploration or exploitation of natural resources, no road can pass through the reserve, no energy equipment is allowed and hunting, trapping and fishing activities are prohibited.


Why create ecological reserves?
The objectives of an ecological reserve are to:

  • Preserve in their natural state, as fully and permanently as possible, elements of biodiversity, in particular by protecting ecosystems and the elements or processes that ensure their dynamics;

  • Set aside land for scientific study or education;

  • Safeguard the habitats of threatened or vulnerable fauna and flora species (according to the Natural Heritage Conservation Act)

Can my dog accompany me on the visit?
No, pets are not allowed in ecological reserves.

Even on a leash, we cannot predict what behavior the dog will have if he meets another dog, a frog or a duck. In addition, if the dog escapes its owner, droppings and trampling can adversely affect the conservation of the site.

Can I pick plants or berries during my visit?
No, the gathering of plants is prohibited in ecological reserves in order to preserve the integrity of the territory.

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