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Our attractions

The Mounts

The 250-meter climb of Mont Oak (460m) of easy level will take you through exceptional forest ecosystems and offers a view of the locality.  An oak grove of red oak to sugar maple that grows on the gentle slopes to the west and north of Mont Oak, then a pine grove of red pine and white pine, rare in the region.

The Mont Oak loop offers a  educational path  on geology. An ideal way to learn while having fun.

Mount Oak


The territory of the ecological reserve is suitable for the growth of so-called serpentinicolous species. Since barely 1% of the earth's surface offers suitable habitat for this type of plant, they are often threatened or vulnerable.

This is particularly the case with the bushy aspidote (Aspidotis densa) which is found in only six locations in North America. The largest known population of aspidote is located in the Serpentine-de-Coleraine ecological reserve. Other vulnerable species are also found on the territory, in particular the Maidenhair fern of the Green Mountains (Adiantum viridimontanum), the ebony doradilla (Asplenium platyneuron) and the simple goldenrod, variety of Rand (Solidago simplex, subsp. Randii, (var.) monticola).

mountain adianthus

Our region

Vélorails, a unique activity in Quebec! Come and enjoy this extraordinary activity with family, friends or as a couple. After the ride on these curious vehicles, everyone will take away the memory of a bucolic moment, rich in sensations of all kinds.

cycle rails
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