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The 3 Monts hiking trails plan to build four new accommodations in the Mont Caribou area. The accommodations will offer unique views of the region. Each of the accommodations will have specific characteristics in a mini-house style. Three mini-shelters will accommodate a maximum of 4 people, while the most accessible will accommodate up to 10 people. The accommodations will be ready-to-camp, respectful of the environment, will offer an experience of resourcing in nature in models unique to the site.

Project progress

Les 3 Monts is working jointly with a team of architects and are currently seeking funding to build our down payment. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2022.

Les 3 Monts needs you!

Are you a business and want to support us?  Request more information on our visibility offer at

We are looking for volunteers or voluntary contributions for the following resources:

  • Wooden furniture in chalet style and multifunctional;

  • Redevelopment of the exterior of the sites after construction;

  • Wood craftsmen for exterior and interior decorative elements.

Possibility of visibility in return for your services,  contact us .


New accommodation project

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